The Unique Blogger Award

This is my second blogger award since I started blogging two months ago and I have to say I am quite humbled by the recognition I've been getting. Thank you, Crystal from Et Tu, World? for gracing me with this nomination. I've been following her since her first post and even though she is quite new to the… Continue reading The Unique Blogger Award

Health & Wellness

Skin Care Before The Products

Forget all the toners, cleansers, exfoliators, and the rest for now, let’s talk about laying the foundation for glowing, flawless skin. The same things that are required for improving heart health, lowering risk of diseases and controlling your weight are also required for healthy, flawless skin. Eat with your skin in mind Eat whole foods… Continue reading Skin Care Before The Products


Life Lessons From My Favorite TV Shows

BOY MEETS WORLD ‘Adulting’ is hard. Remember Cory and Topanga in college? Not everyone has the same path in life. Not every love story can be like Cory and Topanga’s. Always stay true to yourself, no matter how weird people think you are. Lessons from early season Topanga. You don’t have to be blood to… Continue reading Life Lessons From My Favorite TV Shows