The Unique Blogger Award

This is my second blogger award since I started blogging two months ago and I have to say I am quite humbled by the recognition I’ve been getting. My first one was Liebster Blog Award: I Got Nominated!! Thank you, Crystal from Et Tu, World? for gracing me with a second nomination. I’ve been following her since her first post and even though she is quite new to the blogging world I see great things in the future for her blog. You can check her out here.

Unique blogger award amberhighlights

The grand idea behind this award is to celebrate the uniqueness of us individuals that make up the blogging family. Trust me, there is a lot of uniqueness there. There are rules to this obviously. If you are nominated you have to;

  1. Share the link to the blogger who has shown you love by nominating you.
  2. Answer their questions.
  3. In the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family, nominate 8-13 people for the same award.
  4. Ask them your own questions.

Questions from Et Tu, World?

What is your favorite type of weather and why?

That’s got to be summer. Mostly because it’s the only kind of weather I’ve experienced in all the places I’ve lived. I mean there have been rains but the sunshine takes the cake. Plus, I just adore summer clothes; all the cute dresses and rompers and shorts!

If the world was ending and you could save one thing (assuming all of your loved ones are safe) what would it be?

Lip balm. At least I won’t have chapped lips wherever I’m going.

Where is your favorite place in the world?

Paris. The City of Lights.

 Do you have a pet (feel free to include cute pics!) and if not, do you want one?

Unfortunately, I don’t. I need to be able to take care of my self first before I get an animal child. I do want one though, I want a Maltese puppy or an Italian greyhound.

What inspires you to blog?

Life, man. Just life. Everything I blog about is from my own experiences.

This is me sharing the love with the following bloggers. They all have different styles and lots of stories to tell. I love their content and I hope you give their blogs a feel. It will totally be worth it.

I nominate;

The Mo-Mo Talk

Miriam Cheety

Ashleigh Writes

Book Hooked Nook

Love, Nia Simone

Road To Becoming Roda

Besties Notepad

Doodle As I do

And here are my questions for you to answer.

  1. How would you manage a week without an internet connection?
  2. What’s one weird talent you wish you had?
  3. Which blogger inspires you the most and why?
  4. If you had to have your vocabulary limited to 3 words for a year, what words would you choose?
  5. Describe your ideal day.

I hope you all have fun with this. Thanks again Crystal.

All my love xx


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